Northwestern Crisis Intervention Team

Northwestern Community Service Board Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program was established in 2009, providing its first training in the October of that year. It is a collaboration which brings together 21 Law Enforcement agencies, Mental Health Advocacy groups, Community non-profit agencies, families and folks who utilize mental health services.

The CIT model was developed in 1988 by the Memphis Police Department as a response to the death of an individual in the midst of a mental health crisis at the hands of Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs). The Memphis community rallied bringing together LE agencies, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and multiple community partners to seek a new approach to responding to persons in a mental health crisis. From this effort the CIT model was developed and is now considered a best practice model, employed by over 2700 LE agencies nationwide.

CIT Model Objectives:

CIT Training:

NWCSB CIT program has provided 43 CIT Basic 40 trainings and 6 Train the Trainers to over 500 LEOs from 2009 through 2021. The training is a comprehensive educational based experience that prepares LEOs who come in contact with individuals with mental illness to recognize the signs and symptoms to effectively and appropriately respond. As first responders at the scene of a crisis, it is crucial to know how mental illness can alter behaviors, perceptions and reactions. Through techniques such as de-escalation and active listening, outcomes for everyone involved in a mental health crisis improve.

CIT Training Objectives

If you observe or are in a mental health crisis situation contact your local LEO agency or dial 911 and request a CIT officer.

Upcoming 2022 CIT trainings: FEB TTT/ APRIL/JUNE/AUG(Corrections)/SEPT/NOV

For further information contact: Donna Trillio 540.536.2422

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