Prevention Services

Prevention services provide a variety of evidence based programs in school and community settings that are designed to address the prevention of a number of risky behaviors in youth, including substance abuse, violence, and mental health issues such as suicide. Partnerships with a number of youth-serving organizations help provide a variety of settings for the provision of services to a diverse range of children and youth. These services are designed to increase participants’ skills and enhance their resiliencies to better cope with life’s challenges and to help them succeed in school and other endeavors. Youth leadership skills are emphasized to encourage healthy youth development for all children and teenagers. Services are research based and evaluated.

Free Evidence-Based Programming Offered:

Community Based:

School Based:

Additional Resources

There are a number of additional resources that are available upon request. These include: pamphlets on a wide range of youth specific topics, a library of displays, videos and books focusing on substance abuse and other risky youth behavior, and presentations on related topics.

Community Collaboration

The prevention field firmly believes that community collaboration is necessary to help children and youth keep on a steady path to a productive and healthy adulthood and to assist them in navigating through life at their highest potential. When families, schools, and community agencies and organizations collectively work together to achieve those goals, everyone benefits. The prevention program at Northwestern Community Services is actively involved in a number of regional coalitions:

Contact Information:

Shannon Urum, BSW
Prevention Specialist
540-636-2931 ext. 2135